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Nov 21st– Nov 30th
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Prevention Bundle

Year-Long Youthful Radiance: Prevention Bundle

Embrace a year of unwavering beauty with our Prevention Bundle. Spread over 12 months, enjoy
3 x Mesotherapy/Microneedling sessions,
3 Laser Rejuvenation Facials,
and 3 Chemical Peels,

scheduled every 5-6 weeks for sustained anti-aging effects.

$1575 $3150 | save $1575
50% Off

Gentlemen's Year of Grooming: Prevention Bundle for Men

Dedicated skincare regimen for the modern man. This package includes
3 x Microneedling sessions,
3 x Chemical Peels,

evenly distributed throughout the year for consistent skincare.

$1125 $2250 | save $1125
50% Off

Prevention Bundle for Men

Sculpt & Refine Bundle

Your Year to Shine: Sculpt & Refine Bundle

Achieve and maintain your ideal figure throughout the year. This bundle offers
3 x Venus Bliss Laser Fat Removal sessions,
6 x MP2 RF Body Tightening treatments,
and 5 x IV Therapy sessions for weight loss,

all planned at regular 5-6 week intervals.

$2781 $4635 | save $1854
40% Off

Glow All Year Round: Luminous Radiance Bundle

Keep your skin luminous every season. Our package includes:
5 x IV Therapy Skin Brightening sessions,
3 x Hydrafacial Brightening sessions,
plus 1 x Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense,

thoughtfully spaced over the year.

$1655 $2364 | save $709
30% Off

Luminous Radiance bundle

Timeless Elegance Package

Anti-aging process

365 Days of Elegance: Complete Anti-Aging

Experience a full circle of rejuvenation with our comprehensive anti-aging bundle. Includes:
3 Picoway Laser Anti-aging sessions,
3 Potenza RF Microneedling face lift, and
3 PRP treatments,
all scheduled at 5-6 week intervals to ensure year-round youthful skin.

$5145 $7350 | save $2250
30% Off

*This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts. Lunae VIP members enjoy an extra 5% off on all bundles.



We are Lunae Cosmetic Clinic. We founded on the principle of personalized cosmetic solution for skin wellness and body care. Our services include Botox, Dermal fillers, PRP, Laser skin treatments and rejuvenation, Laser fat reduction, RF Micro-needling, Laser Skin rejuvenation, Medical Grade Facials, and so much more.

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Ready to embark on a year-long journey of beauty and wellness? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Select your bundle today and step into a world where beauty knows no bounds.

What Our Clients Say

As someone in my late twenties, I knew it was time to start taking skincare seriously. The cosmetic treaments offered at Lunae Cosmetic Clinic has been a game-changer for me. My skin has never felt so rejuvenated and vibrant. The personalized care and expert advice I received with each session were beyond my expectations.

Sabrina A.

I have been a customer for 2 years in this clinic, the treatments they recommanded really improve my skin and remove the dark spot on my face , made my face tighter , brighter , lifting. Feeling so good after my all friend surprise how my skin so good right now. What the doctor gave the advices so professional and helpful ! I definitely will not change to another clinic

Jennifer C.

Lunae Cosmetic Clinic is a clean and cozy space where you feel welcome right away. The staff is friendly, professional, and always attentive to your needs. They listen carefully and suggest treatments that fit your goals.I highly recommend Lunae Cosmetic Clinic for anyone seeking quality cosmetic services.

Jessica G.

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