Our team


Dr. Akef

Dr. Reza Akef is the Medical Director of Lunae.

With over a decade of recognized aesthetic practice, Dr. Reza Akef is a leading cosmetic physician as well as an internationally recognized specialist in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He is board certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada in both Family and Emergency Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Akef is deeply involved in interventional pain clinic co-operation for the treatment of migraines, chronic pain, TMJ, myofascial pain, and Fibromyalgia.

Dr. Akef is dedicated to understanding his clients’ concerns and creating personalized treatment plans to realize his clients’ needs and goals. Excellent results and patient satisfaction are the drivers of Dr. Akef’s work. He is committed to creating personalised combinations of treatments that will provide results that exceed client expectations.

Mashi Gharavi

With over 10 years of experience as an International Medical Graduate, Masih Gharavi brings a wealth of medical training and expertise to his dedicated role as the General Manager of Angel Gloss. A graduate of Shahid Beheshti Medical University in Tehran, Iran, Masih has continued to develop his skills through masterclass training in aesthetic training across the industry.

He has a post-graduate diploma in Laser Therapy and certifications in:

Advanced Medical Esthetics
Bryan College Health & Business Science, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Treatment
Energist Group, London, UK

Meso Therapy & Gel Training
MKC Laboratories, Ukraine

VPL Laser machine trainer
Energist Group, London, UK

Through his extensive experience in medicine and patient care, Masih has fostered his passion for enhancing his client’s experiences and treatment satisfaction. Since 2006, Masih has expanded the scope of his practice to include therapeutic and cosmetic laser procedures. In addition to therapeutic laser procedures, he has experience in hundreds of skin rejuvenation procedures, tattoo removal, fractional resurfacing, skin lifting and body shaping, hair removal, lipolysis, and body contouring procedures.

Because of his expertise and outstanding results, Masih is an instructor of laser treatments at Bryan College, where he trains students in laser, microdermabrasion, fractional laser, chemical peels, Botox, and fillers in introductory and advanced level aesthetic courses. He is a published researcher, and his most recent article, “Effects of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Osteoporosis” was published in the January 2015 edition of the leading international journal, Laser in Medical Science.