Laser Facial Treatment in Toronto

Laser Facial Treatment in Toronto

Silken, polished,  and pearl-like skin. We all want it, and regardless of age, the dewy, airbrushed glow is elusive for most of us. Our famous Laser Facial is a great treatment that can help improve skin tone, texture, and generate a more youthful look.

What is Laser Facial

The technology we are using for our Laser Facial is Mediostar Skin Rejuvenation Laser System, which is one of the best selling laser in Europe. The one-of-a-kind diode technology with variable pulse length and highly efficient cooling system guarantees safe treatment of all skin types. It works as the laser beam heats the dermal structure of the skin; whilst working to cool the skin down. This process stimulates a repair cycle resulting in new collagen and elastin production. 

The Laser Facial helps remove skin blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and acne scars; painlessly. It improves the texture of the skin, as well as, removes superficial wrinkles and pigmented spots in the epidermis. The High Power Diode Laser achieves these results; by using a light procedure that allows thermal dermal damage to be controlled. Leading to subsequent collagen remodeling while preserving the epidermis. Skin whitening with MeDioStar destroys the melanin in the skin, which reduces pigmentation and whitens the skin. This also helps the skin appear more even in color and helps reduce the size of wrinkles and pores.

It is a great treatment option that does not require any downtime; while still improving the tone and texture of the appearance of the skin. Anywhere from 3-6 sessions are needed to see long-lasting results. This treatment can help patients who have the concerns of broken capillaries, large pores, acne, mild pitting, red flushes, or sun spots. 


After patients are comfortable and ready to begin, our medical team member will begin to prepare the skin and apply gels on top of it.

During the treatment, a strong impulse of light is applied to the area to be treated and is absorbed by melanin, while the skin surface is cooled by a contact handpiece. The damaged melanin is reabsorbed by the lymphatic system, and the fibroblasts in the skin are stimulated to rebuild new collagen and elastin. New collagen and elastin leads to a tightening of the skin, improvement in skin appearance and pores and a more youthful look.

Finally, it is time to hydrate the skin. Our medical team member will apply a medical grade face mask. 

The result

Although the results varies from individuals, but here are some results you can expect after the treatment package of Laser Facial:

Minimize pores 

Effectively Reduce the size of pores and Smooth the overall skin texture. 

Brighten up the skin

Reduce pigmentation and whitens the skin. Bring the natural glow to your skin.

More youthful look 

Superficial wrinkles been removed, new formed collagen gives the skin youthful look.

Is Laser Facial right for you?

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Luminizing your skin

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Board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Experienced Doctors, and Registered Nurses, our medical team put together a customized cosmetic solution that suits each patient. As we work together with each of our patient throughout every treatment term, your beauty goals become our beauty goals.

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