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What if we told you that you can remove your problem fat? Those stubborn fat can disappear without having to undergo surgery or even be injected with anything?  The Venus Bliss™ is a comprehensive solution for the fat reduction category with no downtime. 

Meet the Venus Bliss™ - Laser Lipolysis System

Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to make a change, whether it’s to enhance your workout results, trim down for a special occasion, or just feel more confident in your own skin again. 

While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reaching your body goals, Venus Bliss™ can help. Using diode laser technology to target fat and complementary radio frequency technology, these treatments work to tighten skin, smooth cellulite, and further reduce circumference without surgery or lengthy recovery periods. Now you can enjoy comfortable fat treatments with natural results.

VenusBliss is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses an advanced Laser Lipolysis technology to target problem fat around the midsection. These fat cells are broken down and destroyed by this clinically proven fat treatment, the fat cells then will be naturally eliminated from your body over the course of a few months.

VenusBliss Laser Lipolysis System use applicators that are placed on the desired area to deliver energy below the skin’s surface, where it breaks down and destroys fat cells—a process known as lipolysis. The result is a smoother, leaner, more contoured-looking midsection. The results are not instant, but you will notice your body slim down gradually over time. 

Studies have proven that the non-invasive laser lipolysis of Venus Bliss™ provides a high patient comfort level, and results in significant fat reduction. Results look natural, and are seen in as little as one treatment, with continued improvement for up to six months.


How it works


Fat treatments with Venus Bliss™ are powered by diode laser technology within the laser lipolysis machine. Using up to four applicators that are applied on the abdomen and/or flanks, energy penetrates deep below the skin’s surface where the fat is heated and broken down.

The Venus Concept Bliss device also offers complementary skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments use a proprietary combination of energies to boost collagen and elastin fibers—essential components for strengthening the connective tissue that keeps lax skin and cellulite at bay.

One study showed that 75% of the patients were satisfied with the results of their Venus Bliss™ treatments and would recommend it to a friend.

As many as 90% of patients in the study reported that they found the treatment and the Venus Bliss™ machine to be comfortable.

Technologies used in Venus Bliss™ are all proven to be safe and effective for all skin tones, including even darker complexions.

check mark NO DOWNTIME:
Return to your daily routine immediately after completing your treatment session.

Venus Concept’s fat treatments are powered by diode laser technology to break down stubborn fat cells on the abdomen and flanks leading to fat reduction. In addition to targeting fat, your results can be further enhanced with complementary treatments that provide a slimmer, more contoured appearance to the midsection.




  • Diode Laser Technology for Lipolysis resulting in fat reduction
  • With 1064 nm wavelength and skin-contact cooling mechanism, laser energy is capable of safely
  • Four diode laser applicators with tissue-contact sensors to ensure safety and therapeutic effect.
  • Effectively penetrating into hypodermis to affect adipose tissue without harming skin’s surface


  • Tightens skin and reduces circumference, giving the body a more contoured appearance
  • Also reduces cellulite for smoother, firmer looking buttocks and thighs
  • Delivers significant depth of impact of up to 4.5 cm for greater effect on fat

Focus on reaching your body goals

Get non-invasive, non-surgical fat treatment options that work to effectively target and break down fat for a smoother, slimmer-looking figure. Venus Bliss™ provides safe, comfortable, non-surgical treatments for targeting unwanted fat around the abdomen and flanks to help you better achieve your body goals.  

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